High power, low cost in-cylinder pressure measurement and analysis

Cylinder Pressure Analysis

Combining the high speed analysis provided by the open source catool software with the industry leading data acquisition hardware of National Instruments, catoolRT provides a high power, yet low cost, method of cylinder pressure measurement. catoolRT aims to provide this solution whilst maintaining any existing investment in data acquisition, charge amplifier or pressure transducer hardware.

  • Cylinder pressure combustion analysis calculations in-line with AVL IndiCom
  • Encoderless 60-2 or 36-1 crank angle sensor operation - no need for an expensive encoder or crank angle processor
  • CalSyncTM - Fully automatic, time aligned combustion data in ETAS INCA, ATI VISION or Vector CANape
  • Works with cylinder deactivation and stop-start technologies
  • Proven in field - Pikes Peak, Arctic Circle, Sonoran Desert, Nardò Ring
  • Can be used without pressure transducers:
    • OEM knock detection - replace "det cans" with proper filtered, windowed knock detection
    • Coil, Injector and Camshaft analysis - reverse engineer "black box" PCM mapping
  • Analyse existing data from AVL IndiCom, Kistler KiBox, TFX, etc.


Cylinder Pressure Graph Maximum Cylinder Pressure versus Gross IMEP Graph