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catoolRT Combustion Analysis

High power, low cost in-cylinder pressure measurement and analysis

Cylinder Pressure Analysis

catoolRT combines the high speed analysis provided by the open source catool software with the industry leading data acquisition hardware of National Instruments. It provides a high power, yet low cost, method of cylinder pressure measurement. catoolRT aims to provide this solution whilst maintaining any existing investment in data acquisition, charge amplifier or pressure transducer hardware.

Cylinder Pressure Graph Maximum Cylinder Pressure versus Gross IMEP Graph

catoolRT is developed by an experienced engine calibration engineer to work on engine test bed, in-vehicle and for desktop analysis of existing data. The analysis routines are optimised for real time analysis such that next cycle control and engine monitoring are possible. It's low cost and ease of use brings cylinder pressure measurement into the reach of a wider user base.

Acquired data is easily exchanged with other software using AVL IFile, MATLAB MAT and CSV file formats. Real time cylinder pressure analysis can be streamed at a cyclic basis on CANbus or XCP over Ethernet or CAN.

catoolRT works with a wide range of National Instruments data acquisition hardware, and since NI no longer appear to offer the DRIVVEN NI-CAS system, this is the only turn key solution to implement National Instruments combustion analysis with your existing hardware investment.